Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Last night I saw some of my Georgetown MSA Sisters for the first time since graduation. There were hugs and tears interspersed with, "I can't believe she's gone".

We sat in the stuffy bedroom and read Surah Yasin out loud. Our voices trailed off as we finished the last ayah. In the silence we started to recall stories of our beloved sister. How she had the funniest laugh, a flair for style and the biggest heart. She toiled through Ramadan working with her co-chair to ensure every iftar was perfect. She was the type of person who made you feel comfortable and interesting, as if you had something to offer to the world. She always tried to embody true sisterhood.

Two days ago she IMed me, stressing about her future. We talked for ten minutes while working on her cover letter for another position. Despite the uncertainty about her future, she really wanted to spend the summer with her family.

Last night brought on so many reflections, about life and death, about remembering our prayers and the afterlife, about pleasing my mom and picking up my stuff from the family room. Too many for a blog, but one related to MSA.

Sitting in that room I looked around at my sisters. This, right here, was the reason I became active in MSA in the first place: the feeling of brother and sisterhood, the creation of a mini family to support you. This was the reason I was so passionate about MSA National. Through my work with MSA National I had helped MSAs get stronger, meet other MSAs and helped them create this.

But like many MSAs drama ensued, and drama can be a distraction from the real work. And drama for what? I will, insha'Allah, always be dedicated to strengthening MSAs because last night I once again felt the power of my MSA community. In our time of need, we were there for one another. We supported one another like bricks and prayed for our fallen sister.

May Allah swt grant her and her father Jannah. May He ease the pain of her mother and younger sister.

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