Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Thick Skin

Alhamduillah, praise be to God, its been an interesting couple of weeks. Between work, getting ready for school and MSA National things have been hectic. I always worry that the whirlwind of activity will hurt rather than help my faith. After all, as one Imam once said Islamic work should be selfish, you should be doing it only to get into jannah (heaven).

Usually I do feel the beauty of being active. Even today as I spoke to a brother in the West Zone USA he said, "Man, MSA National is great for networking. Through the conference I met so many amazing people."

I recently visited Imam Mohamed Magid, a very knowledgeable Imam and well-known speaker to get his advice.

He told me how an Imam once told a man who spread rumors that it wasn't worth his time to talk to him and that he'd see him on the Day of Judgement. He quoted the Qur'an about how there are people who want to create fitnah and those who listen to the people who want to create fitnah. The second group, he said, have good intentions but their actions have a negative affect. Thick skin, he said, you need to have thick skin.

But I want to reach them all, I said. I want to work with all groups. He humbled me by saying if the Prophet (s) couldn't get all of his naysayers then how could I. I can try but I must know I may not succeed.

Things take time. Islam didn't spread throughout Arabia and the world overnight. It took many years of work and struggle by some of the most dedicated and amazing humans that ever walked the earth. Knowing I probably only have a fraction of the dedication and Iman of those individuals humbles me, reminding me that I have to move forward with realistic but hopeful expectations.

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Meraj said...

you're right about the thick skin, its an invaluable asset when you're in a position of responsibility. but it goes best with a soft heart as well :o)