Monday, July 2, 2007

Day 4

A little over 96 hours ago my transition into MSA National President began. With so much to do these last four days have been focused on one thing: how to reach our potential so we may best serve Allah swt.

With such diverse backgrounds (MSA Presidents, IAW coordinators, Fast-A-Thon Coordinators, Zonal Committee Members, State Council Rep, Regional and Zonal Conference Chairs, Task Force Chairs, Zonal Reps, etc) the new officers brought their vast experiences and the feedback of their fellow MSAers into the discussion.

We all knew Allah swt made us humans with limited abilities and we focused on the key things we could accomplish with Ihsan (perfection) during our terms. I'm eagarly awaiting the finalized action plans as I write my welcome letter and the outline of our ideas for the coming year.

Masha'Allah I'm excited to work with these amazing individuals. Their dedication to serving the students and this religion is inspiring.

I pray Allah swt makes us worthy of this Amana (trust) and that we are successful in our efforts to help our brothers and our sisters.

And now its time to go to bed and get more than 4 hours of sleep as I have to go to work tomorrow :)

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